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BabbageDifferenceEngine.jpgThe first of these devices was conceived in 1786 by J.H. Maller but it was never built.

We've chosen the difference engine as the title for our category about technology. Okay, difference engines may have been brought to our attention in 1996 when authors William Gibson and Bruce Sterling collaborated on a retro-sci-fi book set in Victorian England titled "The Difference Engine" but it was Babbage's original machine that really inspired us.

yel_cupcake.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about cupcakes in the last so many years. We've tried a lot of them. There is nothing worse than making up your mind to go ahead and dive into a cupcake - then get a bad one. There are certainly more bad ones than good ones out there. But that can be said of everything.

Crosby & Broome


Credenza - BDDW


BDDW excels at modern design with a very warm, natural look. Raw woods, elegant lines, a very thoughtful design. We've been looking at credenzas and this one is it.


It's okay if when you think of A.P.C. you first think of jeans. Their denim comes with different recipe for attaining the perfect lived-in pair. True die-hards are asked to wear the jeans as long as you can possible stand it without washing (try months) then jump in the ocean, rub sand all over and let them dry in the sun. Fortunately, the rest of the clothes only need comparably easy dry cleaning. All the garments are classic enough to stick with you for the long haul with details and fabrics just interesting enough to show you care today. 131 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012 212.966.9685 www.apc.fr

The Wit Pick:
Men's Unwashed Indigo Narrow Jeans $140

Opening Ceremony

IMG_0119.JPG 35 Howard St
New York, NY

Phone: (212) 219-2688

Their Website is not their strong suit.

IMG_0112.JPGemail us the name of the artist.


Yo Beau!

What's the deal with cuffed pants on a suit? No one seems to be rocking it these days. Is it some thing I should try?

- Josh H., New York

Agnés B Homme


For men who want a clean, classic look devoid of trendy embellishments, Agnés B will provide staples to last for years to come. Started in France in the mid 70’s, the first stateside store showed up in SoHo in 1981 and has been providing New Yorkers with great modern basics ever since. Jackets, pants, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories all get the effortlessly-cool French treatment that every man should be looking for.
79 Green Street, New York, NY 10012

Sundaes & Cones

IMG_0076.JPGFrom across the street I knew I had to stop in. Very elegant design + ice cream. Excellent. When I got inside it made perfect sense, it is a Japanese ice cream shop. I enjoyed a delicious scoop of corn ice cream in a cup (think Corn Pops). I also sampled the mint chocolate chip, which was equally delicious.

Sundaes & Cones
95 E 10th St. (b/w 3rd & 4th Ave.)
New York , NY 10003

(212) 979-9398

Columbine Cafe

IMG_0029.JPGColumbine Cafe is the ultimate delicious take-out lunch spot in Tribeca. It is worth the wait and that's why the line sometime stretches down the block.

Today I'm eating E's Big Salad and a chocolate chip cookie for desert.

E's Big Salad $11.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.50


IMG_0014.JPGAlways a great quick snack, wiener schnitzel sandwich and a Radeberger with a side order of the best french fries downtown. Indoors is great for a drizzly autumn day and the biergarten is lovely lounge for good weather (and has a smoking section).

Schnitzel Sandwich $8
Radeberger Pilsener $6
Pomme Rot Wiess $7
Take a gander at their site.

IMG_0023.JPGemail us the name of the artist.



Ume No Ei


Cafe 2

IMG_0037.JPGA great place to take a little break in midtown, the 2nd floor cafe at MoMA. I had a glass of uniquely tasty Pinot Grigio, a Country Salad (with salami and hard boiled egg) and deliciously spicy marinated mozzarella.

Beau Ties


The daddy of dandyism, George Bryan "Beau" Brummell (1778-1840) was a style icon in Regency England, where he was quite chummy with the Prince of Wales and therefore exposed to upper class livin'. And though he was well-connected, he is probably best-known for his impeccable style and forward fashion sense. Amongst his friends, he was the go-to guy in matters relating to etiquette and fashion. It's been said that he was so meticulous about his appearance, that it took him five hours to dress. He'd even have his boots polished with champagne before outings. He was known to troll about town in beautifully cut clothes topped off with elaborate neckwear (he's credited with having introduced the suit to modern society). Not surprisingly, he was quick-witted and a charmer with the ladies. Unfortunately, Beau eventually had a falling out with his pal the prince and later went mad and succumbed to death in a prison almhouse.