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deskotopia.jpgWell, while we don't often go in for the gimmicks, we are certainly all about aestheticizing our own realities. Spending ten plus hours a day in front of the computer tends to get very repetitive. Here's an option for automating that desktop image without having to cruise your favorite blue site or manga publisher. (or i suppose you all have bookmarked as well).

Pop over to Desktoptopia and download a 10 day trial.

Code of the Boys

found1.jpgThis one just in from Jason, Davy and the fellas over at FOUND MAGAZINE. Seems to be a coda to live by.

Visit their site. Found Magazine

Pork & Sons

pork_sons.jpgThis book is a thing of beauty. From the stunning photography, to the delightful stitched illustrations of wily pigs, from the pink gingham padded cover to the - well - recipes. The book is loaded snout to tail with some of the most elegant, hard to come by and simply classic recipes of all things pork.

helvetica.jpgGary Hustwit's new documentary "Helvetica" is a thoughtful, well paced exploration of the history and contemporary impact and relevance of the typeface Helvetica.

Prefabulous Little Houses

A simple collection of elegant, prefab houses. Curated by our friend at Wink Ink.

iPhone - update

Update at the bottom regarding applications for the phone.

A friend just asked our opinions about the iPhone. So here it is:


Ambassadors of Paradise

lordwhimsy.jpg"The Affected Procincial's Companion"
Volume One
by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy

A fine tome, which excels at preaching to the converted, but this one is entertaining. It kept me laughing, at the world, then at myself. It is best consumed in short excursions as the overly ambitious baroque style of the writing becomes, at times a bit hard to penetrate. It is a manual cum treatise on what it means to be a dandy.