Wallets and Passport Folios


I personally carry a custom designed red python-skin wallet by Shelly Parker. But alas, that one is going to need retirement soon and I've found it's replacement. The new line of men's accessories by Güs look fantastic. They have created both horizontal and vertical wallets as well as our favorite, a beautiful passport folio.

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Tablet Hotels

home-buenosaires.jpgThis one didn't get posted in time to make the holiday travel collection. But, we decided not to leave it hanging as it is now more relevant than ever. Tablet Hotels sends our favorite daydream inducing email newsletter. Tablet Hotels curates the best collection of boutique and luxury hotels from around the world.

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Seat Guru

seatguru.jpgGone are the days of good service in the cattle class of contemporary airlines. You can't even count on the checking steward to be of any help describing what seat you will actually be sitting in. Being prepared is the best bet for relaxing travel. Seat Guru is all things airline seats. It let's you know where you are sitting, what amenities, how close you're sitting to the lavatory or the exit row.

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dopplr3.jpgAround here we are suckers for expanding the social graph and here's our new favorite, dopplr.com. This new networking site allows you to share your travel schedules with contacts. The site is currently in beta and open to subscription only (don't worry, the dandies travel, here's a sneak peek). From syncing with iCal to linking with your flickr account, the Dopplr crew appear to be on the right track. We haven't had a chance to play around with it much (I guess that means we should travel more), but what we've seen we like.

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The Travel Lounge

It's that time of year, holidays are coming, we're thinking of traveling somewhere. We're debating whether to brave the slopes, the beach or the family. So we decided to start a little round up of travel related entries as we find nuggets of useful info from our extensive tours of the nether-reaches of the web and the world.

Keep you eyes on the Travel Lounge.

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